A team of gifted managers has been selected from the best schools and establishments from across the region. Together with the help and direction of our really remarkable Board of Trustees, we are accomplishing our vision of turning Cubby Tales into the Best Kindergarten, giving a superb training to each child and proceeding to improve so every kid flourishes in school and exceeds expectations throughout everyday life. The Director, Coordinators, Administration, Supervisors, Business development head, Executive assistant, Human resource head, Montessori trained teachers, and Cooks make up the organization as a whole.

At Cubby Tales, we have a tendency to believe that kids ought to be introduced to contemporary wholesome and healthy foods. Our goal is to push the event of healthy food habits and to produce nutrient meals and snacks in any respect times. All of our Centre Cooks are trained.

Cubby Tales team is specialists in their fields, they perceive early & exactly how every child learns and develops. Every tyke’s individual learning would be designed, they record essential turning points and furnish them with a mixed feeling of whimsy and fun. Our instructors can spend bits of the day making little groups and give every kid singular consideration.

All individuals from our instructing staff are long lasting students and have an enthusiasm for educating preschoolers! Our full-time educators hold a Bachelor’s Degree or higher in instruction with Montessori certified. Teachers go to standard preparing on best practices in the field of Early Childhood Education.

Our All-Star group is comprised of willing guardians, grown-ups, and youngsters who serve our children in numerous limits consistently.

The team is delighted to work in the early childhood profession. They are responsive, conscious, and devoted to the kids while sustaining their social/enthusiastic, subjective and physical advancement and development.

The security of our kids is the best need at Cubby Tales. The greater part of our staff and volunteers take extra effort to guarantee kids go back and forth with their approved parent or gatekeeper.

All food that’s provided in the daycare meets the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.