Parent – Toddler Program ( MOM & ME )

  • Duration: One & half hours
  • Frequency: Thrice a week; 12 Sessions per Batch
  • Age Group: 13 Months to 24 Months

Parent – Infant Sensory Program ( MOM & ME )

  • Duration: One & half hours
  • Frequency: Twice a Week; 8 Sessions per Batch
  • Age Group: 6 Months to 12 Months

The Mom & Me Program is a unique learning and developmental program at Cubby Tales. The program is based on the premise that every child is special and has an unlimited ability to explore, assimilate and accomplish. Specially designed for children in the age group of 10 months to 24 months, the core focus of the program is to enable mom and child to work together and get engaged in meaningful, scientific, tried and tested exploration modules that ensure appropriate development of the children.

The Mother Toddler program is remarkably conceptualized to establish a solid framework in the early existences of babies. It intends to gladly accomplice the moms for their little child’s development, advancement and accomplishment by building up an affection for lifetime learning and molding their characteristic abilities. The program centers around meeting every last tyke’s physical, intellectual, social, passionate, and innovative requirements. Based on the concept of child being carefree and mother being careful, the Mom & Me Toddler Program offers modules that work on Social & Physical, Cognitive and Emotional Development of our little ones under the guidance of a trained moderator in a customized, safe and hygienic environment thus also strengthen the mother-child bond.

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