• 8:00AM to 8:00PM
  • 3+ Years
  • Monday to Saturday
  • Base Package: 4 hours
  • Group Discount on 5 Kids & above

Wondering What is MDO at CubbyTales?

Not just kids, the young mommy’s also need some time to rejuvenate themselves. MDO is a unique initiative that welcomes young mothers to avail quality child care services for their little ones on an hourly basis. While most instructive teaching method focuses on building up the consistent reasoning and in that the left mind resources, MDO is the primary training program that weights on boosting memory, instinct, fixation, and perception. The parent-kid program utilizes systems that lift the intrinsic interest and hunger for learning in babies.

A 4-hour base package in the MDO gives you ample time to spend on yourself without any botheration of your little one as he /she enjoys constructive fun learning activities in a child-friendly environment under adult supervision.

This Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler) Program is a mind-based program, with intelligent sessions between parent/s and kid. The Cubby Tales Smart associations are loaded with deliberately outlined exercises that support and construct engine capacities, language, socio-passionate capabilities and subjective aptitudes in developing infants and little children.

90% of a kid’s brain is developed by the age of three. Kids acquire qualities from the two guardians and that chooses half of their insight. The rest will be controlled by the earth you bring your youngster up in. Preschool begins at two years old to three years and by then the cerebrum has experienced the greater part of its escalated period of improvement. So, benefit as much as possible from the vital mental health time frame and help sustain your youngster’s developing cerebrum and sharpen your child rearing abilities as well.

Let’s celebrate the day and enjoy Mommy’s Day Out at Cubby Tales.