The Third Teacher – Child-Friendly Learning Spaces @ Cubby Tales

One of our imaginative, integrative preschool and kindergarten program is Learning Studio and is guided by an adaptable, customized educational module consolidating social-passionate and experiential learning with a solid scholarly establishment. Exclusively designed Learning Studios cater to the learning needs of children as per their age and developmental needs. Fully monitored through CCTV Cameras each learning studio is a self-sufficient unit. Soft anti-skid floors, to digital learning options, child-friendly modular furniture ensures that every learning studio is unique in its appearance and usage.

The Cubby Tales Kindergarten Learning Studio furnishes our Early Childhood Faculties with direction as they design, collaborate with children, screen, and survey learning and offer data about kids in their year before Prep. The rules depend on the Early Years Learning Framework and the projects are produced around these rules. There is a solid foundation of connections, the learning condition and learning through play as they are set up for school. Our preschool and kindergarten learning studio is a free choice learning condition, which implies that children are given the opportunity to pick works that interest to their interests and advancement; this is a fundamental piece of the Montessori Method. Whenever important, the guide/educator will recommend a movement for a kid who needs help. We introduce both individual and little grouping exercises as dictated by status and dominance of past works. Instead of testing, we utilize watchful, orderly perception as methods for appraisal. We plan kids for further developed scholastic work and empowers the individuals to non-Montessori projects to progress easily.

Learning Studio’s physical condition supports dynamic educating and learning.

It is zoned for numerous exercises and sufficiently dexterous for an assortment of learning modes to happen simultaneously– one group of children could be taking a shot at a craftsmanship venture while another group is talking about a story in a ventured covered region with delicate seating.

How about we make the Learning Studio the new worldview for learning condition—a characteristic expansion of our intrinsic human ability to discover new things.

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Our centers are at Hebbal, Koramangala and JP Nagar.