The Learning Philosophy at Cubby Tales believes that children are active learners supported and challenged by adults. Our learning curriculum and its application are guided by 58 key experiences in language and literacy, mathematics and science, social-emotional development, physical development, and creativity.

The learning approach is the PLAN–DO–REVIEW sequence in which children make choices, carry out their ideas and reflect on what they have learned. These activities promote initiative and independence. In addition, children engage in group activities, socialize during meals, develop self-care skills and exercise large muscles during outdoor time.

Our Kindergarten teachers are trained to provide a safe and nurturing environment for your children as they make the transition from home to the school environment as we believe that caring bonds and respect with children and to their families are the important foundation for a delightful kindergarten experience.

We consider that each child has unique strengths, different prior language getting to know experiences, and favored gaining knowledge of styles. My training ought to be differentiated to furnish enough challenge and ample support for all children to build on success and advance effective attitudes about learning. We accept that emotional engagement is the key to all effective learning. That is why we deliver love, laughter, passion, and significant assignment work in our kindergarten. We continually seem to be for approaches to personalize gaining knowledge of and have interaction with the child’s imagination.

Kindergarten program is to nurture and improve the children’s social and emotional development. Children understand the best when they feel respected and valued and all kids have a wish to be noticed and sense as although they matter. Cubby Tales team believes that it is our function to assist the kids to discover strategies to help construct nice relationships as properly as to find methods to meet the challenges that occur in the course of the school days.

The curriculum philosophy is based on 5 fundamental beliefs that are strongly supported by theoretical and empirical research.

  • The constructive and purposeful play is the best vehicle for meaningful learning
  • Development of social competence is a key focus of early years
  • Relationships are the key foundation for learning
  • Curriculum Assessment should be Integrated
  • Families are essential partners in the child’s learning

We believe that learning can be fun once its simplicity is understood from the perspective of a child. Curiosity, excitement and unlimited energy are all part of learning and growing at Cubby Tales.

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