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Playschool in hebbal | Cubby Tales

Situated in the heart of the neighbourhood, Cubby Tales, the best preschool/daycare in Hebbal is a home-like environment where children are encouraged to develop at their own pace. The entire space is a paradigm of learning and has been sought after, with its huge outdoors and a water body that is perfect for the summers. Safety of the children, exposure to Nature and scope for exploration has been given utmost priority.

The floral wallpapers, the murals, the carefully designed work, and play areas, the nursery for infants, the play area for infants on the terrace, all blend together to create an atmosphere of beauty, freedom, and safety. There is little reading or napping nooks on every floor. Children’s learning spaces are arranged in such a way as to facilitate easy movement between groups. The nursery for the infants and toddlers is beautiful and thoughtfully planned, spilling into an outdoor area that is child-proofed, where babies are taken after naps. These spaces are designed to stimulate children and build important sensory experiences in them. A pretty little bridge curves over a pond lined with flowers and trees.

There are colourful swings made of cotton and a beautiful tree house that is the toast of the center, which the children love with all their hearts. Some teachers take the children to the treehouse to take a lesson, a meaningful way to make the concepts stick!

The outdoor space also has a picnic area and even large candy kitchen! Children are encouraged to walk barefoot, play in the sand, roll in the mud and spend more time outdoors. This predominance of outdoor space and activity is something that Cubby Tales insists on.

The outdoor activities help the kids to develop social skills and give a great boost to their creativity. Also, it’s a wonderful way to learn and explore new things. Outdoor play keeps kids active which in turn helps to strengthen their bones and muscles.  Cubby Tales, the best daycare in Hebbal brings out the various range of activities for the toddler for development.


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