• 6 months onwards
  • Monday to Saturday
  • 8:00 am – 8:00 pm

The Daycare Programs are a natural extension of our educational program to support parents. These programs are a combination of early childhood learning and quality childcare for education and development. Offering quality assistance to the families where parents aspire to leave their children in a safe, welcoming and stimulating environment.

Daycare is quickly developing as the need of working guardians. With the two parents away from home the whole day, the kid is either left with an aide at home or in a crèche. In the two cases, quality care isn’t accessible to the kid. A crèche will take care of the eating and dozing needs of the youngster however insufficient care about the passionate or social advancement. At the point when the child is left with the partner at home, he stares at the TV or abides his chance and as a general rule his dialect advancement, social improvement, and passionate advancement endures as a result of the absence of appropriate care.

Infant and Toddler Care is one of the most sought-after child care program at Cubby Tales Facilitating Holistic Development for kids as young as 6 months.
Exclusive infant care environment with special focus on safety, hygiene, health, and nutrition ensures that we give best of care to our little ones under the guidance of trained child care providers

A unique 12 hours childcare program catering to children up to 10 years of age with flexible time durations, the daycare program is a perfect solution for parents.
The daycare program comes with a unique combination of in-built activities and engagements that keep the child intellectually and physically engaged.

The daycare center in Hebbal is now over every parent who wants to give their child the very best environment. The Other branches of Cubby Tales are Koramangala daycare center and J P Nagar daycare center in Bangalore.

We are one of the first centers to provide a “Night Care Program” extended during weekends Unique in its proposition the program aims at engaging children in a comfortable environment post evening hours in scenarios where the young parents have extended professional and personal engagements that require their time and presence.