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Prepare Your Toddler for Kindergarten

Is your child ready for kindergarten? Are you worried about the essentials necessary for a child to have before joining a pre-school? Then bother no more. Here are a few important things to help you figure out whether your child is ready for kindergarten.

Alphabet Knowledge: The child should be able to say/sing the alphabet, even if it is not in order and should also be able to recognize the letters, both uppercase and lowercase.

Capable to pronounce and write their names: The basic step always comes with child uttering its name properly when asked. It should also be capable of saying parents name and phone number (anyone). It’s a plus point if the child is able to write its own name.

Numbers from 1 to 10: Name the number from 1 to 10 and also recognize them.

Shapes and colours: Must be able to identify and name some shapes like square, rectangle, triangle etc. Colours are always fun to lore. The child must name some basic colours and also recognize them.

Being away from parents: It’s very common among the kids. Not all the kids would manage separation anxiety. So it is suggested to teach the kids to do their daily chores independently in the absence of their parents.

Be Independent in the bathroom: Bathroom etiquettes are very essential. Children should manage their own pants, wipe themselves, wash their legs, adjust their clothes etc.

Able to help themselves: A kid should be able to handle all their accessories. They should be able to hold a book and turn pages, clean up things after use etc.

Unite among peers: Your kid is one among 20 to 25 children. So it’s important to gel up with others, be friends and share things. All these are the part of good behaviour that parents should teach.

Social involvement: The child should be able to sit with others and involve in activities, speak with their teachers and other students, participate in games etc.

Express needs: In case of any confusion or problem or any other need, the child should not be embarrassed or hesitate to tell the teacher about it.

A final word from cubby tales
These practices are thought by all the parents naturally. But remember, all these things should not be stressful to both the parents and the kids. Don’t force your kids into anything. Keep it more fun and friendly way. For more information feel free to reach us.

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