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Significance of Games and Activities

With the advancement of technology in today’s lifestyle, the kids are digitized. It’s a huge task to get the child off the digital gadgets and let them go out and play actively. I am sure parents are more worried whether their child is getting enough exercise or not. But don’t worry, we have got you.

Cubby Tales urge kids to learn and develop naturally as they strive to make meaning out of their daily experience. We ensure that physical activity will be more fun than it’s been ever before.

We believe in making physical activity as fun as a video game would be. In addition, our kids will be more active, happy, feel positive and good in a way that digital activities never could.

It becomes vital for us to prevent health problems such as being underweight or overweight from a young age in our kids.

Let’s have a look at games and activities at home that can replace the digital gadgets to keep the kid’s physical fitness in check.

5  Exercise games to keep your child fit:

Race: This is the most common and obvious game. You can let your child play with friends and reward the winner. The game can be organised in an area around your house or in a yard. You can get more creative in a game by organising different races such as three legged race, single legged race, frog race, etc. In addition, jump rope or sack race is great fun. 

Hunt: This game can be played in a large area or just inside your house. You can just place toys or treat hidden in different places. Let your child search them in the first place. Place a puzzle in each place written for the next. If the places are far, then the child will have a good run.

Sports: Pay attention to what sport your child watch on TV or what sport they play video games off. They are naturally inclined towards one or the other sport. Try to arrange that sport in your yard or inside the home. Do this more often. It develops a keen interest in your child at that sport.

Walk: Avoid using your vehicle whenever it’s unnecessary instead you can walk with your child. Take your child to the park or to buy groceries. Walk as much as you can with your child. 

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Dance: It is the simplest and most fun-filled game by far. Call all your child’s friends, play music and let them dance. You can also provide them with healthy snacks. It’s a treat to see your child happy and dance with their friends. It’s always a fun way to burn off the calories in kids.

5 engaging activities that keep your kids away from TV.

Cooking: A child can learn a lot from this amazing art cum science.Cooking helps foster communication and coordination together. In addition, it helps them to enhance motor skills, appreciate food and apply math while making astounding meals. Cooking is a creative outlet. Therefore, every child feels accomplished and proud.

Music: This activity is more relaxing one. Music helps to build confidence in the child. Musical instrument such as a string instrument can help children to improve their concentration. You can even enroll them in class for greater enhancement for children.

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Pottery: Clay usually fascinates the child and keeps them engaged in the activity for hours. This soothing activity helps them to keep calm as their imagination of art and creativity takes over. Pottery helps a child to improve their focus and concentration making them creative. 

Story-telling: When compared to any other activity, storytelling plays a crucial role in every child. In today’s world of tech-gadgets and social media, significance of storytelling is losing its value. Storytelling helps in developing a child’s personality. With moral stories like Aesop’s fable, we can instill good values in children. It makes them understand various culture, improve their listening, speaking skills and also the language skills.

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Craft: This is the most fun filled activity. You can let your child create simple and stunning decors you can display on your living room wall or in the child’s bedroom or anywhere. It helps to enhance their motor skills, coordination, cognitive skills. 

In conclusion, Every child in CubbyTales is unique and special. We understand and recognise their skills by giving them opportunity and help them grow accordingly. In case of any queries regarding exercise or activities held in CubbyTales, feel free to reach us.

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