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Reduce your child’s screen time on TV/ Mobile Phones

Is your kid always on the phone? Does your kid eat food only when you play a video in YouTube?  Do you have a hard time to take him/her off screen?

The impact of screens is so much effective for not only our kids but also the adults because what we see and what we hear has slowly (but surely) shaped our thoughts.

We as adults, keep singing the song that we heard in TV, the entire day,  or if we watch a scary movie, it impacts us all night, or the TV series story is so effective that it makes us laugh and cry along with the character. And this is in case of adults, imagine the kind of impact it creates on our children.

Considering the fact that major brain development occurs within age 7 and further building by age 12, what children see, do or hear has a lot to do in shaping their entire future.

The one thing that always comes to mind is, in this digital world, is it good to keep your child entirely off screens?

Parents provide gadgets and smart screens to engage their children mainly due to inadequate time and the piling work load they have. These smart screens have an engaging and creative content that easily grabs child’s attention.

It is necessary for parents to understand what screen time addiction is and strike a right balance by adopting the following things which will reduce the screen addiction.

Find Hobbies: First, explore what your child is inclined towards and use them to reduce screen time. You can pick up activities like drawing, painting, craft, dancing, puzzle, etc. Your involvement in the activity is equally important to draw a child’s attention.

Play different games: Identify what sports your child like and encourage him/her to play more. This is one of the easiest way to keep your children off screen. You just have to engage your child and he/she will enjoy their time playing outside.

Involve your child in household chores: This is a best way to spend more time with your child. It improves bonding between parents and children. Along with bonding, it also teaches about cleanliness, discipline, time management and most importantly to be independent. 

Try activities every day: The activities can be colourful, engaging, fun, helps the children to learn new skills, introduces them to new themes and concepts. It is a great way to keep your child off screen.

Spend quality family time: Family time can be things like dining together, going for walks, short trips and picnics. It lets you avoid gadgets and gives a way to conversations. This conversation will further leads to an opportunity where you can interact with your child and for him/her to share things with you.


By changing the rules of screen time, your child might throw tantrums or may dislike the rules you made, but be firm and consistent. Tell them that you will be reducing the screen time so that they can have more time to play – indoor and outdoor, read their favourite comic and have lots of fun. Just stay calm and tell your little ones why these limits are important.

When it comes to screens, the need to engage with something interesting and challenging is very necessary. Which is where Cubby Tales comes in.

Cubby Tales is a daycare center where we help you to ensure that your child stays off screen, but also aid his/her development.

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