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Paws Flashback Mela

Every adult speaks about the “good old days” when they were growing up. Everything was better, more fun and more interesting. The simplest joys could be found in something as quaint as, swinging on a rubber tyre!

Today, children are easily occupied with virtual activities. Their real friends have been replaced by gadgets . The sounds of nature are now heard though an app. They get bored in spite of them being given a zillion choices of videos and movies, whereas we have grown up watching only National TV with the entire family in JUST a single room!

Let’s give them a flavour of having Fun without the ‘Shackles of Technology’

Cubby Tales is organising ‘Paws Flashback Mela’ where we can indulge in nostalgia and give our children a glimpse of the “good old days”!


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