Ways to Build your child’s Listening Skills

“My child does only what he/she wants to do! He/she doesn’t listen to me at all.” Have you come across these statements as a parent?

There is nothing to worry. Let’s see why this happens and how to improve it.

When we talk to our child, they tend to listen to only few things and ignore less important things to them. They take in only relevant things to themselves. And we can’t hold them responsible. After all, they are filled with energy and also receive information from various sources. But if we imbibe listening skills from a very young age, it helps to improve communications skills as the child grows up.

listening skills

Let’s see few tips to develop listening skills in children.

Early childhood listening skills

  • Become a good listener

When your child is trying to talk to you, you should make sure to respond and also maintain an eye-contact. This helps them to know that you have understood what they want to say. Since kids learn from the surroundings, we as parents should be good listeners.

  • Talk to your child, frequently.

Talk to them during your kitchen work, or while you are doing work on the laptop. Explain your day in simple words. Later, ask them to narrate their events of the day.

  • Allocate small tasks clearly.

If you want your child’s attention, be clear in explaining tasks to them.  Be precise and let them know what is expected. If there are multiple tasks, tell them to repeat, so that you can ensure they have understood it.

  • Communicate about the things they like.

Talk to them about the things they find interesting. This helps to bridge the communication gap, any they may start listening to what you want to say. It may be about any game they like or even where they want to go out for a vacation.

  • Involve them in small decision making processes.

Try to avoid directly ordering something to the kids. Involve them in choosing a book to read while sleeping or pick up a shirt of their choice while going out.

Children listening in clasroom

This will help them in becoming good listeners and further good decision makers! Children develop listening skills at a very early age.

We @CubbyTales think these tips will help. What do you think? Do leave us a comment and let us know.

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