Parent’s Name: Daphne Sequeira
Child’s Name: Anezka Iris Sequeira
Center: Koramangala

I had chosen Cubby tales to enroll my toddler for a summer camp. The first thing that drew me to this place was undoubtedly the ambience and the welcome we received. The head Tanvi ran us through what to expect etc. Their huge positive was the beautiful outdoor play area. Havent seen any playschool or day care with such an inviting outdoor play area.

I had initially signed up for just 1 week of the program as I had to travel from Indiranagar to Koramanagala. But thanks to Cubby tales and how much they made my child fall in love with them I was totally convinced to extend to a whole month.

Love the open door policy they have of always being available to address any issues. The fact that I could see my child on the camera from the Cubby tales office was so reassuring.

The USP of this daycare and activity center is their wonderful staff and support team. Such a warm and caring set of people. Ms. Samar made my child settle in so quickly by using her love for soft toys to calm her down. When Ms. samar was away Ms. Neha handled the transition so well that my child ended up having 2 favorite teachers at the end.

Sending us a brief at the end of every week letting us know what was covered as well as sharing all the pictures is such a great way to let the parents know whats happening with our child when they are away from us.

The icing on the cake was the culmination of summer camp which ended up with a well organized mother day event. The tiniest attention to detail was given to make every mum feel special and the goody bag with precious handmade goodies for each mum along with the emotionally cute video of our kids made this such a memorable experience.

Highly recommend this lovely activity centre and day care.