Child’s Name: Aarna Rajesh

Program : Integrated Learning Program

Branch : Koramangala

When I walk through the doors the atmosphere at Cubby tales is very warm and inviting. I do not worry about Aarna when I drop her off as I know she is being well cared for and her daily experiences are positive.

We love Cubby Tales! All of the teachers and assistants are always so pleasant and upbeat, they create a really positive environment for the kids! The curriculum is very carefully considered and varies week to week. Our two and a half year old daughter Aarna is always very excited to tell us what is new at school, and she is learning by leaps and bounds thanks to her awesome teachers! She loves her teachers ,assistants and her friends, and we feel she is getting a very rich and fulfilling preschool experience. We especially value the exposure she is getting to art, music, dance,outside play, good table manners as well as beginning academics to help the kids get introduced to school. I really appreciate that everyone at Cubby tales keeps us in the loop about their goals and plans for the kids and the school. I always feel very comfortable talking to them about anything that comes to mind, and they are attentive to our feedback as well.”

I am impressed with their campus ,services and each staff member I have met. I feel blessed we are part of the Cubby Tales family 🙂